Crespelle of Veroli

Crespelle are the typical cakes of Veroli which is also dedicated to a festival. They are tasty pancakes with a base of bread dough covered in sugar. The two and a half hours leavened dough guarantees softness and the frying in olive oil adds flavor and makes it light. Over Read more…


The garofolato is a true specialty of Veroli and is a second dish of sheep’s meat cut into small pieces and flavored with spices such as cloves. The meat is first marinated and then cooked until it becomes very soft and tasty. With the sauce, the homemade pasta is seasoned.

Donuts from Veroli

The donut is one of Veroli’s specialties and is made with bread dough and flavored with anise. It is cooked in a wood oven and has a slightly different taste in every Veroli oven for the mother yeast that is used and kept by every baker.

Bread of Veroli

Veroli’s bread is recognized as an IGP product of Lazio for its particular characteristics Veroli bakers have been preparing it for centuries and every baker has his own yeast and characteristic taste. It should be noted that a few years ago a rediscovery of the ancient grains produced by farmers Read more…

Fiera di San Matteo

The San Matteo Fair is one of the oldest where Veroli traded goods and animals. The third weekend of September is held in the Casamari area. During the fair you can taste in the many small restaurants in the area recipes based on sheep that are typical of Ciociaria and Read more…


The ‘Pantasema’ is the party that marks the end of summer and the beginning of the school and takes its name from a Puppet representing the summer that is burned in the piazzo after marching through the streets of Veroli followed by some allegorical floats in a parade accompanied by Read more…

Sagra della Moricola

The last week of August in the San Leucio District, the blackberries are celebrated with the Sagra della Moricola, the fruit of the summer. The event includes a cooking competition on how to use this fruit. Blackberries are harvested and are used for the preparation of desserts and other dishes Read more…

Sagra del Grano

In the first week of August in the Colleberardi district of Veroli, the Grain Festival is celebrated with a parade of agricultural tools and a demonstration of threshing. As in the old farming traditions, threshing is accompanied by dances, songs and popular games.