Polenta was the typical dish of the peasant diet produced from flour from maize cultivated in their own fields, and ground quickly in the mill and eaten unseasoned. Today, the typical sauce of Vicovaro is polenta with snails or ‘ciammaruche’.

Vicovaro bread

This traditional bread is the one with the ‘indirect’ dough that is with double leavening. The difference between normal bread and the one with “indirect” dough appears immediately in quality of the bread. Once there were 50 bread ovens working around the clock to serve Rome and Tivoli and they Read more…


On the stretch of the Aniene River from San Cosimato (Vicovaro) to Castel Madama you can go rafting. One of the most beautiful parts of the landscape running alongside the Way of St. Benedict.

Museum Muvis

The former Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie was a simple votive chapel owned by the Orsini. It had previously been a Roman building and then in the thirteenth century a Franciscan monastery. The church was rebuilt in 1628 and has a Baroque appearance. The interior has a nave with Read more…

Hermitages of Saint Benedict

The hermitage of Saint Benedict belongs to the group of caves which can be accessed from the garden behind the San Cosimato Monastery and were built in the sixth century by a group of Benedictine monks. The caves are overlooking the River Aniene and are reached down a seventeenth century Read more…