Church of St. John

The church of St John is a very old church located in the countryside and is currently abandoned. It consists of two churches: a larger dedicated Evangelist John, who stands on a pagan sanctuary and a smaller one built in the fifteenth century and dedicated to John the Baptist.  


Strozzapreti or cecapreti, are “maccaruni” of durum wheat flour, eggs and water seasoned in various ways. Their name goes back to the continuous restrictions imposed by the Church that had generated an anticlerical sentiment in the whole area of Ciociaria. When the women prepared this pasta they wished to choke Read more…

Buffalo Mozzarella

At Villa Santo Stefano they produce Buffalo mozzarella along the valley of the river Amaseno and on the top of Mount Siserno. The freely moving (range run) animals produce a special milk from which derives a special mozzarella. It is to be enjoyed on a slice of homemade bread, produced Read more…