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Trani is a small jewel on the Adriatic coast in Puglia with all of the joys that Puglia brings. Try Trani Live. The old city around the port has escaped being overrun by development and all the mistakes of architecture have occurred remote to the tourist centre.

So, Try Trani Live. Whether you are looking to get lost for a few days or trying to find yourself amongst the peace and quiet of the port and surrounding medieval streets, Trani is a small resort to transit for those who seek not the wild life, but just Trani Live.

Trani is proudly a Slow City one of a new breed of towns escaping the hustle and bustle of big cities and financial markets. In Trani, apart from the fishing trawlers early in the morning, the friendly citizens rise a little later. Come mid-morning the seats in the seaside park and the bars along the pier are finding occupants, chatting dreaming and reading. If there is any noise in the park it is from the “Dotto-train” free-wheeling its young passengers around the walkways.

Trani is entering its rinascimento after nine centuries, not to become anything but Trani, yet to just be better for its people and tourists – a dream that the mayor seems committed to bring to fruition. You will not find a 5 star resort in the Trani live city, despite its 50,000 inhabitants, but you will find in the old city a plethora of small high quality B&Bs hidden away in the alleys and streets. And each time you try Trani live, there surely will be another pleasant surprise awaiting.

Trani has an interesting past based on its several key benefits. It is known among historians and architects for the fine Trani stone, a pale ivory marble from which the old city is constructed. The sea that shines on a summer morning brings Trani live fresh fish to the port through the 20 or so trawlers that line the dock near the cathedral. A morning stroll in the soft sun brings the aroma of the trawlers mixed with coffee from the nearby bars.

Trani has its shoemakers and is famed for the artisans of picture framing. A walk in the old city late afternoon, before a cocktail back at the port, has surprising rewards.

Trani’s soul is soft with a history since the 12th century of Jewish communities mixed with some sadness in its medieval past following the glorious reign of Frederick II. But what remains of that sadness is more quixotic.

The grandest building is the Trani Cathedral of St Nicholas the Pilgrim – not a famous martyr or soldier of Christ, but a young Greek pilgrim who alighted on his way to meet the Pope, and chanced to die in 1094 before following his mission. Just why he was sanctified remains a matter of conjecture, but it does set a tone for Trani down through the centuries.

Across the Cathedral square you will find the castle of Frederick II. But this is not a history lesson. To learn the charms and idiosyncracies of Trani and its medieval past, you need to Try Trani live, visit the Cathedral, the castle, museums and many other pleasures of the old city.

Then when evening comes, dine at one of the many restaurants or cafes lining the port, and when you select, make it local fish with an Apulian white wine, and finish off with a local Moscato. A short walk under the Puglia sky and its time for dreams of tomorrow.

Gavin Tulloch

Scienziato e poeta. Ama la chimica, il vino, le donne e l’opera, ma non sappiamo in quale ordine