Our mission
#IlFuturoNelleNostreRadici (#TheFutureInOurRoots)
We were born from the desire to support the development of the ‘lesser known’ towns of Italy, where our roots, traditions and knowledge are kept.
With the Coronavirus pandemic we have made a change in our business by making ourselves available for the promotion of stories coming from our local communities. We have given space to the many voices of people who dedicate stories to their town, to remind everyone that:

“We were the most beautiful country in the world,
We are still the most beautiful country in the world and
We will keep being the most beautiful country in the world for the years to come”

(Claudia Bettiol)

Our history

The Discover Group was born from an intuition of Claudia Bettiol and from her experience in the socio-economic sustainability of small communities.

Discoverplaces.travel was founded in 2016 as a publishing house and Web portal and is an “innovative Start Up” recognized by the ministry.
As a publishing house we published the series of books titled “Tourist Guides of the Villages of Italy / Travelers’ Guide to Italy” and we have already created about twenty volumes.

As a bilingual web portal of the territories, we have a legacy of over 20,000 contents and 30,000 photographs that are live on our website. We are read in the USA, Canada and Australia.
Every Thursday we send a much-followed newsletter on the best stories from the territories of Italy.

For schools we have developed the ‘Tourism among Desks’ program, while for small businesses we organize micro-courses with the ‘Friend of Tourist’ program.

We are a close-knit group composed mainly of women. Roberta, Chiara, Benedicta, Anna, Maria and Emanuela. And everyday we go above and beyond to reconcile the needs of the many towns we meet with those of our families.

Nevertheless, we are happy with our work, and we keep our minds and hearts projected into the future.