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For ten years the town of Acuto has become a reference point for people who love music and entertainment. In the evenings of August, the Borgo and the Volubro Suso lake become the stage of 2 festivals (Saltaranta and Acuto Electronic Music Festival) that welcome thousands of people ready to dance all night long.

On the other hand, those who love to relax and listen to music cannot miss Acuto Jazz (Guide of Acuto), the concert festival held in the historic centre for twenty-years.

Walking along Via Vittorio Emanuele, so narrow, dark and full of medieval scenes, we do not expect to reach a panoramic terrace that opens onto the Valle del Sacco: it is Piazza San Nicola. From the remains of the walls surrounding the square it turns out that once in that area there was an important church that was finally demolished for unknown reasons.

In this setting of mystery, surrounded by the charm of an extraordinary panorama, you sit down to listen, under the stars, to a new concert by Acuto Jazz. Every year the artistic direction dedicates an evening to the evolution of the Jazz Orchestra of the Licinio Refice Conservatory of Frosinone, but also gives space to musical research projects that merge the elegance of jazz with the energy of other musical genres.

Saltaranta is another event that for nearly 10 years has positively involved thousands of young and old from the entire province. It is a moment of aggregation and recreation for citizens and tourists who throughout the night rediscover the magic of a stage of the village festival.

Saltaranta is a review of popular music that each year sees different groups, from central-southern Italy, performing  the rhythm of tarantella, saltarello and pizzica representing the genuine beat of their own land.

In each edition of this joyful white night three new groups perform on stage, carefully chosen by the organizers, for a total of 9 hours of music. The frenetic pace of popular music creates a magical atmosphere that will envelop the village for an entire night, involving hundreds of people coming to the village to dance.

The groups of which we remember the best performances are: Alla Bua, Musicians Basso Lazio, Zimbaria, Kamafei. Year after year this event has had growing success, becoming a reference event in the panorama of the popular and regional Ciociara music.

Behind the hill overlooking the town, however, is the small lake of Volubro Suso, an environment of scenic beauty that makes it a true paradise. Here, on the banks of the lake, among natural trees and meadows, Acuto Electronic Music Festival has been staged for almost 10 years, having been born from the desire to support the art of electronic music for the promotion of the territory, creating a magical link between music and nature.

The event includes the participation of thousands of young people who have come to dance from the evening until the first light of the morning, each year attracted by an important program full of quality artists. From the first edition till today there are several artists of international level who have performed on the prestigious stage of the Electronic Music Festival.

It is impossible to forget Dustin Zahn, Hans Bouffmyhre, Alex Bau, Answer Code Request and Black Asteroid. Today the festival brings together a large number of participants from all over Italy, becoming one of the most important techno festivals on the national scene.

For this reason the organization that takes care of the promotion has planned an inclusive package of hotel stays and safe transport to the festival through a shuttle service. The Electronic Festival is a 2-day event, each of which you can dance for 10 hours of music.

The last generations have seen the town of Acuto give birth to artists, free thinkers, researchers and musicians. In the artistic field it is necessary to remember some already known names, bands and artists that are taking off.

The pianist, Jazz  composer and arranger Paolo Tombolesi, the famous jazz bassist Giampiero Merluzzi, the unforgettable drummer Giancarlo Guidoni, the Conductor Maurizio Sparagna, the young and internationally renowned Conductor Marco Attura, the Dj and music producer electronics Adelmo, the virtuous rock group S.M Minor, the popular Folk Group Città di Acuto, the artist and sculptor Fabrizio Perinelli

Visit the Ciociaria, visit Acuto!