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Ahura put up a 5 star grand ceramic performance at Milan Design Week this year.

In a revitalising year when buyers thronged from all centers of wealth, there were some stands that out-shone the exceptional standard set by all exhibitors. Ahura led by Luca Zanardello and his team produced a display of grand ceramics to excite all. From the magnificent pair of bronze ceramic lions guarding the entrance representing the pride of Ahura to the life-like Dalmatians, maremmas and great danes, every step showed another element of the Ahura grand ceramic style.

Sitting and sipping a flute of Ferrari with Ezio Zanardello, the founder of Ahura, who had created the lions for Milan, possibly more as a dare, and watching Luca directing the orchestra of the display, we could feel the abundant satisfaction of a family for a job so well done. This family from Nove in Veneto was just one of very many Italian families who showed the pride of their creations in Milano. No doubt Italy is alive and well when so much grandeur and quality is presented to the world – and the world wants this Italian style.

While Ahura was surrounded by other exhibitors displaying magnificent opulence in furniture and textiles, what made Ahura stand out was their leadership in style, the attention to detail, balance and joyous colours in the Ahura grand ceramic animalia. A new range of scarlet designs highlighted by Swaroski crystals will surely be followed by copiers next year. The traditional cobalt blue peacocks and multi-coloured roosters find no peer. Our favourite pieces, the gold prancing horses were arrayed near the rear facade, while menacing leopards and jaguars guarded the other less virile animalia.

I wonder what the family Zanardello and their team of fine ceramists will dream up for us next year. You can be assured that whatever is presented will be grand ceramic pieces.

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