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Alessandro Pagliari at age 14 has been crowned as a great musician in Osimo, a few miles from Castelfidardo, which is the home of the accordion, the town where the best instruments of the world are produced.

The accordion is one of the most beloved instruments in the world and since its inception it immediately became part of classical and popular repertoires. Few know that the first instrument was only made in Vienna in 1829 (with a patent filed) even though it is the Italian Palo Soprani that transformed it and brought it to the forms and the level we know today. A similar instrument, however, was already found in the Leonardo da Vinci drawings and in 1970 was made by an Italian luteus and played in Castelfidardo where it was exhibited at the International Accordion Museum.

At Osimo’s competition Alessandro Pagliari, a young musician from Belmonte Castello, has become the first Italian ever to win in the category “Junior World Cup” for soloists up to 18 years old during the 70th edition of the World Cup of Classical Accordion. Alessandro was forced to win the two rounds in which the wide-ranging competition was organized and he beat the second-ranked Russian Stepan Armasar.

He conquered the fierce competition of more mature musicians, from his point of view, and from countries that have always spoken of top-level accordionists such as Russia, Portugal, China, Finland, Serbia, Macedonia and Sweden.

Alessandro had begun to follow the accordion courses after receiving his first small instrument from the hands of the Italian-American musician Peter Soave, and they all understood the great abilities of the young man, supporting him in every way since that moment.

In Belmonte Castello, a small village in Val Comino, everyone was cheering for him and prepared a great party with his accordion friends who attended the accordion courses at the Casella Conservatory of Aquila.

The festival was held in the prestigious presentation hall of the Ducal Palace of Atina and a special appreciation was expressed by Angelo Cardinali, one of the first music teachers of the young accordionist, Francesco Fina his teacher of solfege, and Maestro Dario Flammini who has welcomed Alessandro under his protective wing since 2011, when, at only eight years old, he passed the entrance exam at the Conservatory with a very high score.

During the evening Alessandro held a short but intense concert where he performed some of the songs presented at the Osimo contest, stirring the enthusiasm of the audience and receiving the finely inlaid olive wood cup, given by the association “The sounds of the Ciociaria” and by the hands of the extraordinary craftsmen who made it.

Knowing Alessandro’s determination and talent, we are confident that the success achieved is not a point of arrival for him but a starting point for new and increasingly prestigious and important goals.

Tonino Bernardelli

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