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The narrative painter Andrea Zelio presents two major works, ‘The Ganges’ and ‘The Mother of Rivers’ at the satellite Pavilion of EXPO Venice “AQUAE VENICE 2015” which examines and explores the relationship between man, the environment and water.

How to represent a river? For EXPO Venice Andrea has created these two works as large installations: The Mother of Rivers stands as a curve to 4 meters in height while The Ganges, the sweeter, unfolds 6 meters horizontally.

With the power and the shininess of zinc plated and polished steel, Andrea Zelio brings out ancestral visions and messages that flow like underground rivers inside every being: the sinuous forms of running water, the sound evoked by the wind blowing through the artworks, the power of water that regenerates but also knows how to destroy, the terrible indifference of Mother Nature.

And indeed the Mother of Rivers collects water from the sky with its hands to feed her children but lets a scream escape from her face to represent the contradiction of being in this world and suffering.

The Ganges instead gives peace, like the river L’Isonzo into which Ungaretti welcomes us by it being recognized as a “docile fiber of the universe”. Indeed, while watching the two installations at EXPO Venice it is recommended to listen to the poet reciting “I Miei Fiumi”, the poetry that inspired Andrea Zelio with these works: even those who do not understand Italian will be able to make out the sound of the waters that flow into his soul.