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Meeting Anna D’Alessandro is a special experience, her ability to communicate and the richness of her experiences captivate and intrigue.

Hers is a story of being caught between two countries, the United States and Italy, between the nimble American pragmatism and Italian creativity, set in a baroque business management system. Anna studied architecture in San Antonio, Texas. After her Bachelor degree she returned to Italy and realised that there is no reciprocity of university degrees.

No matter: having grown up overseas, and wanting to explore Italian history and culture she went back to university, this time in a humanities faculties and adopted the specialization and completed her PhD in “Roman-barbarian age culture”.

“I’ve always loved the story and I wanted to investigate the social and economic aspects of that particular period because I find them very similar to the present day. The first four centuries of the Middle Ages have seen first the clashes and then the meeting of very different cultures and it was very interesting to study how they managed social and economic changes. From the past I have learned many techniques and social dynamics that I then used in my daily work.”

Once you master the dynamics of change management, the desire was to experience them in everyday life. At that point she returned to chew on American pragmatism and Anna began to want to confront the world of work. It came naturally to deal with cross-cultural and international relations for companies interested in opening new businesses abroad.

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Working at an international level means first interaction with cultures, with different ways of doing things and different social customs. An entrepreneur, to be successful, must be able to present properly, manage her image effectively and quickly. Only in this way will she achieve her business objective. No matter what the type of enterprise, the techniques do not change but you have to know how to confront with the diverse and with the constant changes that global society imposes on us today.

“The change must be made, first of all, within us. We cannot simply think of continuing to behave as we usually do and feel that people can perceive our evolution. We must learn to introduce ourselves briefly, throwing a few but precise signals and leaving to others the wonder of discovery and the desire to learn.”

We come to her company, Aldebaran Distribution, and the idea to bring Italian animated cartoons to the world. Anna wished to create a society that represents her creative and pragmatic personalities at the same time, where she could bring to fruition all her international experience.

“The entertainment industry, in my view, is pure expression of Italian creativity that has nothing to envy from the rest of the world. For various social, cultural and legislative reasons, Italian animation still has not found full expression at the international level.”

Aldebaran’s mission is precisely to help the Italian animation producer to make himself known in the world and it has already achieved remarkable results. It was the first Italian company ever to win the prestigious “International Pitch Award” at MipJunior in Cannes where it was among the top 10 rated companies.

To meet this charming and positive lady, to share new ideas and routes to market, contact Anna on and tell her Claudia sent you.

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