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On April 14th at 11:00 am inside the Granaio Borghese in Artena we talk about Archeology and important discoveries with the event: “Il Museo, patrimonio comune –Dolorose dispersioni, preziosi ritorni e inaspettate scoperte: l’importanza della storia condivisa” (“The Museum, common heritage -Dairy dispersions, precious returns and unexpected discoveries: the importance of shared history “).

An event organized by the Archaeological Civic Museum “Roger Lambrechts” of Artena in collaboration with the Gruppo Archeologico Artena (Archaeological Group Artena).

The appointment traces the history of some important archaeological finds recovered in the Piano della Civita area.

 We will go through 30 years of excavation together with the professor and director of the Museum Massimiliano Valenti, with the stories of the events that brought these findings into the new installation inside the museum, which is enriched on this occasion with a group of precious gold coins of Byzantine period (VII century AD). During the day of April 14th they will be exposed for the first time to the public by the directors of the archaeological excavations, Professor Jan Gadeyne and Dr. Cecile Brouillard who will tell the details and the story.

The mayor of Artena, Felicetto Angelini, the Councilor delegated to the Museum, the lawyer Alessandra Bucci, and the President of the Gruppo Archeologico Artena, Patrizio Mele will be present at the event. At the conclusion of the event, the Municipality of Artena will deliver an official recognition parchment for the important role played in the conservation of these finds that have enriched the cultural heritage of the village over the years.

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