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In Bellegra to learn about the beauties of their town together with the students of class IV!

We returned to the land of panoramas to meet the small tourism entrepreneurs of the Comprehensive Institute of Bellegra, this time to talk to the greatest of their material heritage. Together with them we explored all the monuments and churches of their country, perfectly described and photographed by the whole class. After a little lesson on photography, we all went out together to visit some of the most interesting monuments, so that each of the students was able to see the research done in preparation for the meeting.

From the old town, to the Convent of San Francesco to the Cyclopean Walls … we have seen it all!

It was a great thrill for the small tourists to be able to illustrate their research live, a special thanks to the teachers of the class who guided children with love and dexterity throughout the path that preceded our meeting.

We will be back soon to continue our adventure in the pews, stay tuned!

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