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The Theatre Festival in Anagni in August is one of the cultural manifestations of greatest longevity and is an opportunity to see the great names of showbusiness in performances in the ‘province’. But we should never define Anagni as a ‘province’. It was the centre of the cultural world for at least a century and gave birth to 4 popes who changed history.

Here, 25 years ago, was born the first theatre festival dedicated to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance that over the years has taken on the character of a true review of Italian excellence.

The inauguration of this year was entrusted to a show of Arte Circense or Light Theatre with a group composed of actors-acrobats. At the sound of the music the actors performed in games and dances while a ball took an acrobat to dance in the air directly above the heads of the audience.

Do not miss the next festival.

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