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Sea, sea, sea …

I wanted to implement a project that put my sustainability philosophy into practice so I designed the new BAGNI 77, bathing house in Senigallia.

Indeed the most intriguing in Senigallia and in all of Marche.

The philosophy was respect for the environment but also putting guests’ needs at the centre.

Let’s start with respect for the environment: eco-compatibility and eco-sustainability in beauty with an architectural project inspired by a dune, a characteristic element of the Adriatic beaches.

We wanted a perfect integration where human intervention enhances the environment by reducing the visual barriers that hindered the view of the sea while the small building would be integrated with plants and essences of the Mediterranean scrub.

We planted trees and palms trying to recreate the vegetation spots found in the pristine stretches of coast and chose a high density wood that does not require artificial fertilisation.

We strongly believe that the territory is also known by the excellence of the artisans that reside there. Respecting work means respecting people. And to create the furnishings we have chosen young local craftsmen who come from the great traditions of the Marche. This is all-round sustainability.

We feed on renewable energies: the showers of the suite cabins are powered by a heat pump, in turn powered by photovoltaic panels with which we produce about 40% of our needs, and soon we will reach 80%.

We have removed the disposable plastic and use canned water and all our dishes are served in compostable containers.

And now let’s talk about welcoming tourists and eco-sustainability in management choices.

As for the products, we have chosen to rely on local companies preferring those from organic farming or, as in the case of coffee, also certified for sustainable trade.

Out of respect for people, we wanted to create an establishment that is accessible to everyone by mapping the paths so that they are accessible to people with reduced mobility. For them and to allow you to move on the beach and in the water we have purchased a special wheelchair.

Soon we will also have a braille menu.

Small tricks with great symbolic value: each person must be able to have the optimum services in relation to his needs. This is our thought which expresses the deeper meaning of the word “welcome“.

When I made these choices, they said I was crazy, yet I always believed in the power of people to change, or at least to improve the world, with their daily choices.

Profit does not mean usurping, doing business does not mean exploiting. And a company like ours in contact with the public can become a showcase of an entire territory. My choice can tell who we are in Marche.

Summer is a state of mind“, as stated in our claim.

And now many wait for the twilight to see the umbrellas close at the same time switched by a control unit powered by photovoltaics.

A modern, sustainable and suggestive sunset. Maybe drinking a good Verdicchio wine or a Bianchello from the Marche region.

Pictures by Bagni 77 Senigallia