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In Pesaro lives a fine entrepreneur, poet, humorist, gentleman and enigmatic genius, Nani, il Conte Alessandro Ferruccio Marcucci Pinoli di Valfesina, inventor of the Esaltabuchi, and his elegant and enchanting wife Paola.


Nani and Energitismo met when the search for elegant sustainable products in the Marche Region was launched through a seminar and function at The Hotel Alexander on the beach in Pesaro. This hotel is the epitome of the Energitismo philosophy. It is a living work of contemporary art and a museum reflecting a different artist in every room and space.

One day over an aperitif, Nani displayed a small circular gold accessory, a gem that he had patented known as Esaltabuchi, THE PATCH. Nani told his tale, the mystery behind THE PATCH:

‘As a child, among other things, I was taught firstly that you should never throw a thing away… until it is totally ‘worn out,’ because there are poor people who do not even have the essentials!  Secondly, darning … mending … remedies and … “patching”, in every sense, are worse than tears and holes!  Thirdly, you must always know how to turn a failure into a success, a negative into a positive!

Well, one July I was given a very expensive cashmere golf sweater. (I would not have ever bought it!) In September, I found that it had a nice moth hole right at the front … So … 2 + 2 = 4! … Or not!


THE PATCH (Esaltabuchi) is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of that hole. It is the wholly elegant solution to a holey inelegant problem. THE PATCH is the renaissance in jewellery that converts a hole into the whole. THE PATCH reflects Nani’s philosophy on elegance and true Italian Style. Esaltabuchi is the ultimate representation of sustainability.

THE PATCH brings life back to your favourite jacket or sweater. It has a soul. THE PATCH without a hole is like an oyster without a pearl. Only through the defect can we see the treasure of the jewel that is Esaltabuchi.

THE PATCH inspires poets and lyricists:

No longer will the hobnob sneer

 At little holes in your top gear

 Amazed they spy your wondrous PATCH

 While ladies vie to be your catch

 And on you sail without a fear

Esaltabuchi, THE PATCH, comes in a special case with a story of its genesis.


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