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It is not well known when you begin your passion for breeding and butchery, but generations of Spallaforte have succeeded in producing the best meat from Anagni, Ciociaria and the Roman countryside.

They are so proud of the results achieved that they have relaunched the preparation of the ‘meat tartare’ that many chefs like to call ‘Sushi di carne’.

In reality the history of Tartare or Tartara is very ancient and dates back to the nomadic people of the Tartars, in Asia in Mongolia and Siberia, who used to put raw and dried meat under the saddles to soften it.

The tartare then spread especially in northern Italy, and in particular in Piedmontese cuisine where the famous Piedmontese breed was bred. It is a very special cow that is used both for milk and for meat when it is ‘affassonata’, that is, when it develops a muscular hypertropia of the thigh that makes it move slowly.

And these are cows that the Spallaforte family raise. “Spallaforte” is not their real last name but they are now known this way by everyone. The nickname dates back to the war period when the grandfather of the current generation was smuggling meat on the black market.

Once he was in Sgurgola station and was surrounded by 7 people but, thanks to his powerful physique and irrepressible energy, he managed to put them all on the run. An elderly peasant who witnessed the scene called him “Spallaforte” and since then this has become the name of all the descendants. And woe to call them with their real last name … they might not turn around.

The Spallaforte are known for the care with which they breed animals and for continuous updates on meat techniques and recipes. Giovanna and Stefano, the senior generation that you can find in the butcher’s shop used to go to all the fairs and not miss a conference. They also entered the butchery contests about cuts and pieces. It is a passion that has always brought them together, perhaps this is the secret of over 40 years of life together.

Their breeding follows the principles of Steiner’s philosophy, they treat animals that are free to roam, caress them and brush them. And when they go to the slaughterhouse they are the first to go so they find it clean and without negative energy. I listened to other people who practice this philosophy and all have the same view and passion.

And even daughters have the same view, but they do something complementary: like a 4.0 from the butcher shop. Francesca follows her parents to the counter and follows in her mother’s footsteps but Isabella has opened a tasting room where you can taste typical products of the best tradition, but above all the famous “tartare” made with freshly processed meat.

For meat lovers, you can not think of anything more tasty, tasty and tantalizing. And don’t think you know Tartare if you haven’t tasted Isabella’s made with fresh Piedmontese meat and seasoned in a creative way.

From oil to coffee to daily surprises with seasonal products and creativity of local producers who come to present their excellence.

Claudia Bettiol

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