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An Ascione precept: “There is always a most beautiful gemstone, but there is even more beautiful coral. Every piece is different and each has its own special charm that can be highlighted by the skill of the artist or craftsman.”

These are the words that our father passed on to his sons, who are now at the helm of the coral art jewellery company Ascione, and still convey the emotion of coral jewellery to people who come to view these living stones. Coral art has real elegance that goes beyond luxury.

Pearls, mother of pearl shell and coral are “living” stones, resulting from the work of small living creatures, and just as we are all different, our creations are all slightly different. You can use metric tools to assess size, color and brightness, but eventually some creations convey emotions more than do others.

And the emotion of these jewels is increased by the knowledge of the history of the coral, the relationship that it has always had with man in the different cultures of the world, in the stories of coral fishermen and those of the artisans who work the coral.

In Naples, at Ascione Museum of Coral you see the parure donated by Napoleon Bonaparte or those of the Italian Queen Maria José, and feel the need to enter into the traditions and adorn a jewel of coral and experience its true elegance.

Personally, as an Italian, with the first money earned from my work, I felt the need to buy a carved shell cameo that I can still use as brooch or as a pendant on a necklace of pearls or coral.

And every time I wear it I am touched by the inherent elegance and I feel like a queen!

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