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A nice chat with the mayor Simona Guidarelli of Pergola a splendid town located on the beautiful hills of the Marche region, a stone’s throw from Senigallia, the Frasassi Caves and the sumptuous Frontone castle.

An interview that arose thanks to the participation of the municipality of Pergola in the contest #IlFuturoNelleNostreRadici that we launched to make our villages better known and that you can find at the link HERE.

For the mayor and the municipal administration of Pergola, the real challenge today is to make the attractions and unique activities offered by the area more and more known. A town that is already in the preferences of the Dutch and Swiss who have bought and manage highly appreciated agritourist resorts.

Pergola - foto Fabrio Ceccarani

Pergola – foto Fabrio Ceccarani

Three words to uniquely identify Pergola: hills, bronzes and wine.

The first thing that comes to mind when arriving in Pergola is the serenity of the hills of the Marche hinterland, where you live in contact with nature that has not ruined by buildings and factories.

A nature where the rhythms of the sun can still be experienced and where the earth smells good. A landscape where the vineyards offer a tasty red wine, the Pergola DOC from fine Aleatico grapes, perfect in combination with the Marche cuisine, and above all with the pecorino cheese produced from local sheep farms.

But there are many other reasons why you should come to visit Pergola explains the mayor Guidarelli:

“Several years ago, in the countryside of Pergola, a complex of statues was found which is unique in the history of Roman art: 4 bronze sculptures covered in gold representing two men on horseback and two women. The sculptures are not all complete but they are a real rarity.

In order to have them in our museum, the Pergolese fought and symbolically built a wall 30 years ago so as to stop them being taken away.

Today we are proud to have them exhibited here and the great interest they arouse in all who come to see them! “


Pergola - foto Marco Spadola

Pergola – foto Marco Spadola

It is not easy to find bronze statues from the Greek or Roman era because the metal was always melted to create new artifacts or to meet temporary needs. These sculptures instead represent a true masterpiece of art. If you think that in Rome the statue of Marcus Aurelius was saved because it was thought to represent the emperor Constantine who had helped Christianity.

Pergola - foto Marco Spadola

Pergola – foto Marco Spadola

Today Pergola presents itself with an integrated tourist offering that combines art, nature and food and wine together with at least 2 other Marche excellences known all over the world: the Frasassi caves in nearby Genga and the wonderful castle of Frontone.

And this year, among the Luoghi del Cuore del FAI, were rated the frescoes of the Oratorio al Palazzo, a fifteenth-century masterpiece painted by Lorenzo d’Alessandro from San Severino Marche.”

So just get in your car to take a tour of the hills and in an hour you are in superb Urbino, on the Conero Riviera, or even in Pesaro.

What more could you want from a holiday in one of the most beautiful countrysides in Italy?

I recommend: we are waiting for stories for the contest involving memories, recipes, tales and funny incidents. In this way, we will be able to make Pergola more known and invite people to come and visit you.

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