DMO of Fiuggi

Fiuggi, a creative aperitif from the DMO to plan the future

We started a year ago and we had to fight a lot of bureaucracy that prevented us from being already operational, but finally we are there and on Monday afternoon all the members of the Alta Ciociaria DMO met to get to know each other better and plan the future.

The DMO is the acronym for Destination Management Organization, a non-profit third sector company that aims to coordinate tourism actions and promote some reference area. DMO has a wide-ranging operation that goes from marketing to the training of local operators.

The DMO Alta Ciociaria includes 13 municipalities and this makes the challenge even more interesting because it can really become a catalyst for an area that has traditionally always been on the border between the provinces of Rome and Frosinone.

An area debated between an identity connected to the magnificence of Rome or to the Ciociaria countryside. But for many years Ciociaria has been linked to an unattractive image that did not honor its cultural, architectural and food and wine heritage.

Recall that then the Ciociaria originally included the northern part of the province of Frosinone and reached the sea, it was once included in the Campagna and Marittima (Countryside and Seaside) provinces of the Papal State. The southern Ciociaria, on the other hand, was the area called Terra di Lavoro, it also included part of Caserta, and was part of the Bourbon Kingdom.

But the years have passed and today not only Ciociaria identifies itself with the province of Frosinone, but a Ciociaro pride has grown together with the discovery of the riches of the territory.

And I well remember very well when the Frosinone football team went to Premiere League (at that time I lived in Veneto) and all the Italians were struck by the fair play of the fans and players. Frosinone Calcio in Serie A was one of the milestones in the rebirth of the 'Ciociara Spirit'!

But back to Fiuggi, the honors were made by Aldo Sperati who hosted us in his charming Touring Hotel right in the center of the beautiful spa town.

After the illustration of the initial project by manager Paolo Novi, the idea was to divide us on thematic tables but the desire to participate in a great communication network prevailed.

The new regional law on tourism (ARTICLE) has changed the role of DMOs and we must team up with the other two DMOs of Ciociaria (the one in Val di Comino and the one in Isola del Liri) while maintaining our particularities.

An interesting starting point is that by analyzing the tourist searches on some of the best online tourist booking platforms, Fiuggi and the others appear in the foreground of the entire Spa segment.

The presence of a real health wellness center such as that of the Terme di Pompeo di Ferentino in fact characterizes us as one of the poles of well-being and health already recognized by tourists.

The conclusions are almost obvious, but we will still have time to reflect. In the meantime, we enjoyed at the end, a nice glass of Cesanese del Piglio DOCG wine with appetizers offered by Simona Girolami, president of the DMO, to end a fruitful networking day.

And a good glass of Cesanese del Piglio certainly brings well-being!!

Written by
Claudia Bettiol

Engineeer, futurist, joint founder of Energitismo and founder of Discoverplaces. Consultant for the development and promotion of the Touristic Development of Territories specialising in...