The poet-chef Salvatore Tassa launches the R’entra in Acuto

The poet-chef Salvatore Tassa launches the R’entra event in Acuto

The Michelin-starred restaurant Colline Ciociare is now one of the symbols of Acuto and Ciociaria, but perhaps even more so is its chef Salvatore Tassa who has spent his entire life talking about sustainability and roots.

He began as an isolated voice, as a prophet who indicated the path of the link between cuisine and territory where innovation must be carried out in the groove of tradition and local products, and today Salvatore is an icon.

Salvatore Tassa is known as the Chef of Sustainability but the real experience is hearing him talk. You can listen to the story of his dishes while tasting one of his creations or you can listen to him in one of the events promoting his territory and in particular Acuto, his village. Salvatore is a true poet.

On Saturday we listened to him at the presentation of the R’Entra event, organized by the association of the same name, which will be held at the end of July in the alleys of the historic center of the village of Acuto.

Like many towns, the historic center was depopulated with the industrialization of the valley, and this has petrified it. 'There is a house in the center that has stood still exactly in 1960, as it appears from a calendar still hanging on the wall. Everything is still and you can take a dip in the past', Salvatore tells us.

The idea they have been working on for months revolves around the word R’entra and inclusion. ‘The houses were open, people often had a chair outside the door to work chatting with the neighbors and when someone passed they were invited to enter: R’entra (enter).

For a day you can relive these emotions and others, which will be revealed shortly in a conference in the square as soon as the association has defined the methods of use with many of the owners of the houses in the center.

The poet-chef Salvatore Tassa launches the R’entra event in Acuto

In the meantime, the day continued with the presentation of future partners to be involved in the rebirth of the village and among these we were also invited. We talked about the Felicita Back Home project and how to aim for new forms of residential accommodation to animate the streets of the center. Young people have new dynamics such as those of digital nomads and temporary citizens and if we identify a positioning strategy, even the village of Acuto can become a destination for these young people.

The mayor of Acuto Augusto Agostini closed the day: "if we can combine the poetry and activism of Salvatore Tassa with the skills and professional strategies of Claudia Bettiol, then our historic centers can have a beautiful future".

For his tireless work, today he has become vice president of the Association of the Cesanese Road which with wine promotes Acuto and all the neighboring villages.

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