Conference at Cesanese Wine
Conference at  Cesanese Wine

The role of Cesanese Wine in local development… and of beer

Vino in Festa (Wine Festival) is the event that every year Paliano dedicates to one of its excellences, Cesanese wine, and every year the city is more beautiful.

During the weekend the streets are filled with stalls for street food while the wine cellars of the area set up stations to let you taste the king of the festival: Cesanese wine.

But we cannot forget the beer ... Paliano is particularly known for its monococco beer that the Bertacco farmhouse has been producing for years, but we have discovered a place where all those who want to have a truly holistic experience of the world of beer must go.

After a very interesting conference on the role of culture in the development of local wine tourism, we ventured into the historic center of Paliano.

After the two councilors Valentina Adiutori and Eleonora Campoli delighted us with some numbers on the growth of agricultural businesses in Paliano, a shining Pina Terenzi (of the National Association of Women in the Field) told us about the role of women in the recent development of the agricultural world and after the geologist Cristina Pratesi (who drew up a geological map of all the lands of Cesanese) showed us the opportunity that young people have with the ITS of Olevano Romano , we closed the interventions talking about how the food and wine culture can make a difference.

And as proof of what we had said during the seminar (it should be noted that we were only women), a young agricultural entrepreneur brought us to meet Fabio di Folco at the Cantina Brassicola.


Cantina Brassicola Paliano

 Apart from the beauty of the historic center of Paliano, entering the cellar means being catapulted into an enchanted world. A joy for those who already know beer and a delight for those who are curious about new flavors.

I must admit that I did not know any of the bottles’ labels and Fabio slowly guided us into new flavors experiences starting from a 7 year old beer! I never thought that the world of beer could have so many similarities with that of wine ... the terms 'fermentation on natural yeasts' are familiar to me, but I thought they were related only to wine.

We drank a Geuze Mariage Parfait, a Lambic beer (spontaneously fermented beers) from Belgium made with malt-free wheat, barley malt, aged hops and wild yeasts. The yeasts are aged three years in oak barrels and this gives a surprisingly acidic and fragrant flavor to the beer.

Not tired, we then tasted a Saison D’Epeautre from Brasserie De Blaugies, another Belgian beer based on spelt.

The choice of this beer was not accidental but is intended to be the beginning of an experimentation of a new craft beer with Paliano spelt or buckwheat. We are curious to be able to taste it as soon as possible!

In the meantime, do not miss a visit to the Cantina Brassicola ( and let yourself be enchanted by Fabio that he will choose exactly what you do not yet know you want to taste.

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