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The beer festival of Borgorose returns every year in June involving an exceptional number of beers and brewers from around the world, plus chefs and food artisans, musicians and international artists who come for three days of beers, cooking, guided tours, music and laboratory visits.

In June the ‘Birra del Borgo Day’ is staged, the great early summer event dedicated to beer, gastronomy, art, music and sociality born to convey a new idea of ​​beer.

Borgorose in the Valle del Salto between Lazio and Abruzzo for a few days becomes the ‘beer capital’ with the Birra del Borgo Day (Borgo Beer Day). The festival was born in 2005 around one of the most original and active ‘breweries’ with the participation of many organisations that for years have collaborated with the brewery.

The hosts, therefore, are the Birra del Borgo that expand the spaces of their brewery for the traditional feast of yeasts and hops from the beginning of June. A sparkling three days full of taste, immersed in the greenery of the splendid municipal villa.

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste the fine products of Birra del Borgo, the result of constant research based on passion and experimentation, flanked by 130 draughts, symbol of historic breweries and small producers, representing 30 breweries from Italy and from the rest of the world.

Beers produced with creativity and imagination, classic and modern styles, beers with fruit, mixed fermentations and much more, a wide selection of everything that the brewery can offer.

The beers are in combination with an inviting offer of degustations, the result of the collaboration between different gastronomic products of excellence, now well loved in the place and the festival. The most awaited novelty is the “Pane”project, a product that is the result of an in-depth study of flour, dough and leavening.

There is ample space for meetings related to gastronomy with particular attention to cheeses, oysters and a deepening of the new frontiers of a classic Italian combination: pizza and beer.

Between seminars and workshops, you will not want to miss the public BBQ and guided tours of the brewery of Spedino and in the old Collerosso, intended for natural fermentations.

The Borgo Beer Day has grown and established itself also as a music festival to underline how beer and music represent an inseparable pair. In the air of Borgorose you breathe live the excitement and energy of great Italian artists as Giuliano Palma, the Meganoids, Giancane, and Joe Victor and many others.

The Borgo Beer Day will also be a family-friendly festival thanks to a large open space dedicated to children. Beer calls to itself gastronomy, art and music, to show that mixing is always possible when inspired by quality.

A new idea of ​​beer is spreading, the Borgo Beer Day wants to explain it to you. It is a place for everyone, a hymn to the spirit of mixing and celebration of local excellence and beyond.

It is a way to spend a weekend in the Valle del Salto and get to know the small villages like Borgorose where enterprising innovators experiment with agriculture and original transformations, such as the production of beer, which in a short time can become established for their quality and originality.