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Brocco Etno Fest by Broccostella is the festival of popular music and the mixing pot of the saltarello with the tarantella, a particular mix of emotions of central and southern Italy that makes ‘even the stones dance’. It takes place in Broccostella, at the beginning of the luxuriant Val di Comino and is combined with the rediscovery of the wonderful territory of Lacerno.

The Lacerno torrent flows through the municipalities of Pescosolido, and Campoli Appennino following the fractures of the rocks along the border of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise and where it is possible to make wonderful excursions to enchanting places.

Broccostella, whose ancient centre is located on a hill in the Val di Comino, is a place from mythology where the local community gave rise to some emerging musical groups of the Italian scene.

The festival is dedicated to Italian folk music and is a point of reference for dance enthusiasts where they move with the rhythms of authentic interpreters of the tarantella. Created from the band “Radici Popolari“, led by the organist Lorenzo Rea. The intent is to jam and promote this type of music.

In recent years important artists such as: Ambrogio Sparagna, Gianni Perilli, Compagnia Aria Corte, Mascarimiri, MBL, Cantori di Carpino and the Radici Popolari themselves in collaboration with Irish artists.

In the 3 days you can also enjoy food and wine experiences with the products of the Valley of Comino, visit an exhibition-market of musical instruments and participate in free courses of folk dances.

Brocco Etno Fest: