Bolsena. Cavour Exhibition Wing

In Bolsena, the Cavour Exhibition Wing is a long rectangular-shaped room in the medieval quarter with an internal garden that is perfect for hosting art exhibitions of all kinds. The space is divided into three sections by three arches that give it a particular scenic effect.

Il Giardino dei Lauri

Giardino dei Lauri is an exhibition space that houses a collection of contemporary art with works in interior areas as well as outdoor sculptures with the background of the Umbrian hills. It was founded by the Neapolitan collectors Massimo and Angela Lauro.

The Kossuth Space

“Spazio Kossuth”, the Kossuth Space in Città della Pieve is dedicated to the master sculptor Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth, one of the greatest sculptors of the European twentieth century. It was inaugurated in 2015 by Vittorio Sgarbi and is located inside the garages of the Palazzo del Vescovato.

Roman Villa of Grottacce

On the small promontory overlooking the sea are the remains of a villa d’otium (house of laziness) from the imperial age. It has been identified as the site of the ancient port of Panapione. Today you can see a rectangular room with a paved mosaic apse, a rectangular cryptoportico (covered Read more…