Acquapendente. Teatro Boni

In Acquapendente Teatro Boni is a building converted into a theatrical space and a multipurpose facility. It has an architecture of an Italian theatre with stalls and three tiers of boxes. The stage is equipped and allows any type of arrangement for drama, dance and concerts.

Memories of the Grand Tour

Because of its proximity to Olevano, Bellegra has seen the passage of numerous artists who during the 19th century were travelling to Italy to paint that unique mix of natural beauties and historical millennial testimonies. Here is a list of some of the painters who have immortalized Bellegra’s landscapes in Read more…

Glazed Tiles of Settefrati at Villa Gallio

Glazed Tiles at Villa Gallio

Among the eighteenth-century glazed tile decorations of Villa Gallio at Posta Fibreno can be found unprecedented views of all the countries that were part of the Duchy of Alvito. The Gallio family had purchased the Duchy in 1595 with the permission of Pope Gregory XIII. Among them is also Settefrati Read more…

Vico nel Lazio- Colonne della Fratellanza by Luciano d'Abbruzzo

The Columns of Brotherhood

In 1989, Vico nel Lazio held a sculpture campus dedicated to young European artists. Artists have created ‘The Columns of Brotherhood’ as a wish for a world governed by understanding and friendship among peoples. Master Vincenzo Bianchi was the creator and director of the campus. The columns were made of Read more…