Monte Siserno

The hike to the summit of Mount Siserno is an exciting journey where one meets beautiful nature with its main essences: myrtle, mushrooms, olive trees, pine forests. There are pastures of cattle, buffaloes, horses and each person can make for themselves ‘geological discoveries’ observing the ancient shellfish fossils trapped in Read more…


The “Macere” are terraces built of dry stone walls: hundreds of kilometers of walls to shape the slopes and be able to cultivate the land. In 2011, 123 sites were included in the ‘National Catalogue of Historical Rural Landscapes’ promoted by FAI, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

Ouso of Pratiglio Space

The Ouso Passo Pratiglio is the deepest cave of Lazio that starts at an altitude of 1,360 meters on the south-east of Mount Malaina, in the Lepini Mountains, and has a vertical drop of about 840 meters. The explorations were arrested in front of a large lake-siphon which receives water Read more…

Monte Cairo

From Piedimonte paths depart leading to Monte Cairo, rich in karst phenomena and rare floral and faunal species. From the peak of the mountain you can enjoy a spectacular view of Ausoni, the Abbey of Montecassino, the Mainarde chain and of the Abruzzo National Park.  

Vallone Lacerno

Vallone Lacerno is a beautiful canyon on the Lazio side of the Marsicani Montains created by a stream. In the gorge there is a wonderful waterfall called “Cuccetto Hell”. It descends the valley following the stream with a rough path but very enjoyable and challenging