Trekking Volubro

Trekking to Volubro

In the mountainous area above the inhabited centre there is a small karst mountain pond that is intended for drinking by animals. You can reach the area through a walking path passing by the SS Trinity church. The trail is easy and suitable for all nature lovers.

Monte Monna- D'Abbruzzo

Monte Monna

It is among the highest peaks of the Ernici, at the height of 1952 metres, and its name derives perhaps from the medieval ‘Madonna’ with which title the ladies were called. The summit can be reached from several paths made by CAI of varying difficulty, starting from Campocatino (Guarcino), the Read more…

Monte Scalambra

Mount Scalambra, on Ernici, is 1420 meters high and is located between the valley of the Sacco and the Aniene Valley. In ancient times it was known as  “Monte Carbone” by sailors who used it as a point of orientation because it is visible and recognizable from out at sea. The Read more…