Polygonal walls

In San Vincenzo are the remains of a large long narrow esplanade that was to house an Equi sanctuary dating from the fifth to third century BC. There are stretches of large stone polygonal walls at a necropolis with pit graves.

Pontinia. Tomb of Clesippo

In the municipal area of Pontinia there are also the ruins of the Tomb of Clesippo. A spectacular Roman tomb dating from the second century AD: the mausoleum of Clesippo Geranium, a freed slave who became rich thanks to his talent and his abilities.

Necropolis of Tuscania

There are many Tuscania necropolis both along the valleys of Maschiolo and Marta as well as in other areas. The oldest tombs, those relating to Orientalising period, are mounds with a small burial chamber in ogival (bullet shaped) section, as in Tarquinia. In a tomb in Sasso Pizzuto we have Read more…

Necropolis of Corviano

The necropolis lies to the left of the Martelluzzo stream in a place inhabited since prehistoric times, as can be seen from the numerous underground houses excavated into the tuff walls, the remains of the neolithic huts and the remains of megalithic walls. There are numerous interesting ‘pestarole’, i.e. boulders Read more…