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I don’t know why but when I think of Sicily the first thing I see is you, Catania.

How can I express my thoughts? … what I see in her more than anything else is not the city seen on a geographical map.

No. I sense the aromas of Catania … the colours, its dialect. And then all together. It is like a rainbow, without one of the colours there is no rainbow. Beauty is in the whole.

When going around the buildings of the centre, the first thing you smell is the scent of grilled vegetables. Cooked in a very traditional way, out on the street with embers as the  poor used to do in the old days.

But I assure you that it is a unique goodness, the aroma fills the streets together with its people.

Together with the colours of the unique varieties that only Sicily offers, so beautiful! No, it is absolutely not shop stuff, but regional goodness.

Then, walking through this enchanting city, one realizes that time has stopped in some places.

Because rightly so!

The first thing I observe in the morning while sipping coffee on the balcony, looking at the immense vista, is the top of the volcano covered with snow.

With the sun, not like the German one…. and I realize that I feel a sense of freedom from so many thoughts. Because the image captures you with its splendour!

When I went up to the majestic volcano, which I visited several times with my husband, then I realized how small we are compared to so much nature.

I felt so much power under my feet that it gripped me all the way and left me with so much to think about.

Climbing Etna then, I always observe Catania as it stretches out to the foot of the mountain.

And at that moment I don’t see the chaos of a metropolis, but only a great pleasure to be able to observe it from above.

Catania, a city so busy and stressed but one that everyone loves for its magic.


I don’t know, every corner of it offers you a new chapter to read.

To be savoured with all its traditional dishes, with the flavour of the sea. The authentic flavour that reaches you everywhere.

Burnt by the sun but so much green …. in spring when everything is reborn with life. All nature gives its best to treat you to such a floral city.

I hope the sun has a little pity.

A friend told me that you don’t have to be a poet as everyone can write a story.

Well, I hope that with my few poor words I managed just a little to convey what I see in this magnificent city full of secrets to discover … each time a new one ….