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Welcome, you are on the Cesanese del Piglio Wine Route!

We are in the northernmost corner of Ciociaria, in a verdant landscape between hills and mountains with sometimes rocky areas. Here the Cesanese del Piglio is produced, a wine with a millenarian history that has come down to the present day from the ancient Romans.

It is an area shelteredby Mount Scalambra and the hills of Paliano (Guide of Paliano), Serrone (Guide of Serrone), Anagni (Guide of Anagni) and Acuto (Guide of Acuto). Thanks to the traditional cultivation techniques handed down over the centuries, refined in the modern and contemporary age by scientific progress, the Cesanese del Piglio wine, already DOC in ’73, since 2008 is the only Lazio red wine to have obtained the Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed (DOCG).

The Cesanese del Piglio DOCG wine is obtained from two native vines: the Cesanese d’Affile (finest) and the Cesanese Comune, a variety with unknown origins but always having been here in the countryside of the province.

Legend has it that it was a teenager from Piglio who stole this vine at night and planted it in the area. The production area extends in the territories of Piglio and Serrone, and part of the territory of Paliano, Anagni and Acuto. The vineyards are located in the countryside of the aforementioned villages at about 500 meters above sea level, in not very steep land (10% slope), an area that covers about 15,000 hectares.

The hilly geology of the production area, and the south-west exposure, allow good exposure of the vines and help to create an airy, luminous environment with a soil naturally draining eliminating any stagnant water. Despite the presence of calcareous subsoils, the soils are poor in iron. They are therefore not very suitable for intensive exploitation, but suitable for quality wine-growing.

The vineyards are exposed to a climate characterized by a good average annual temperature, with scarce summer rains and particular dryness in the months of July and August when the fruit begins to mature. They also receive excellent sunlight during the months of September and October, which allows the grapes to ripen slowly and completely.

The Cesanese del Piglio DOCG wine has a ruby ​​red colour with violet reflections. It has an intense aroma with floral and fruity hints (berries and stone fruit), a soft, dry taste with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. Ideally, the Cesanese del Piglio DOCG should be tasted at a temperature of 16/18 degrees. It goes very well with lamb and roast red meat and in particular with traditional Roman dishes.

There are 3 types of Cesanese del Piglio DOCG: Base, Superior and Reserve.

The Superior type has the same characteristics as the Cesanese del Piglio Base, but has a minimum alcohol content of 13° compared to the 12° of the Base version. It is also withheld from the market until the first of July of the year following the harvest (February for the basic version).

If subjected to an aging period of not less than 20 months, the Superior can bear the Reserve title.

The Cesanese del Piglio Consortium is responsible for enhancing and spreading the knowledge about this native vine, which is becoming one of the most interesting and promising in central Italy.

The Cesanese Wine Route contributes by providing interesting itineraries for enotourism (wine tourism) enthusiasts, which allows visitors to discover the beauties of the territory and to taste excellent wines.

There is a great dedication by the growers to their Cesanese vines, raising each as if it were a child. There is the passion to get an ever-better wine out of the vineyards. Even the small winemakers who work in the vineyard have maintained commitment to their small production. There is an attachment to the soil and to this historic vine.

After a careful harvest and vinification, the wine rests in small oak barrels. Subsequent aging in the bottle allows completion of the maturation, returning a full flavoured wine with all the aromas that this grape can offer.

We have been talking about the Cesanese del Piglio DOCG, note this name and … have a good taste!