The founder and president of Energitismo, Claudia Bettiol has reached the age of elegance, 50 years, and she is still smiling.

In these few years, Claudia has achieved much. Initially, based on a heritage from Veneto and Sicily, she was raised in Colleferro south of Rome. She thrilled to the power of numbers and following an analysis of the power of political leaning, her thesis dealt with the sub-soils of the Tower of Pisa. She then practised as a civil engineer and served as a counsellor in local government.

While establishing a successful business with the husband Ezio Vittori, she undertook several masters’ degrees in subjects as diverse as bio-architecture and business management, and found the time to create Maria, her daughter. Not all in life went sweetly, but Claudia’s dreams, strength of character, and work ethic enabled her to establish new organisations in renewable energy, electric vehicles and hydrogen power within the Lazio region. In the middle of this apparently full workload, she undertook a PhD in market development for renewable energy. She became recognised as a futurist and was regularly sought as a speaker for political, engineering and management conferences.

Claudia and Maria share a passion for horses that has required 25 hours days and travel all over Italy as the demand of competitions increased with Maria’s growth. In 2008 Claudia was elected president of a new renewable energy company, undertook consulting through her organisation, Bettiol and Partners, while also teaching a Master’s course in renewable energy at Tor Vergata and selected subjects for doctorate students at Sapienza.

One of her Master’s students, Nicoletta Di Marco, invented the word ‘Energitismo’ as part of her thesis, and Claudia adopted it in the formation of Energitismo Association. Energitismo was to seek new elegant renewable energy products to promote on the web and through atelier. After progressively pulling out of other activities, Claudia devoted her efforts to Energitismo and, over a 2 years period from 2011, we analysed the world market place across the energy and sustainability sectors and progressively developed the mission for Energitismo – a mission to Discover Human Treasures – and Claudia is one.

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