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Rocca Priora is famous both for its forests, whose history arises from a mini ice age, and also for its craftsmen carpenters capable of working the timber to produce fine wood products.

Traditionally the timber from these woods provided a valuable raw material used in Venice for building the foundations of the houses of the city and by wine lovers to create barrels for fine wine.

Today there are only a few carpenters locally producing their unique works, so we were fortunate to have the chance to meet and hear the story of one of the true craftsman carpenters. Claudio Rosi is a ‘master’, a craftsman carpenter of Rocca Priora wood who, together with his wife Barbara, has directed his atelier for 35 years.

A carpenter of tradition, his father worked the wood with love and passion. Claudio, while he carried out his studies in surveying, watched and learned the ropes to prepare to follow the same road, carrying on the family tradition.

Claudio is a young ‘father’ who makes his humility a winning weapon, a special person who scarcely admits to the beauty of his creations.

He understands the characteristics of the wood and the tree species. He prefers to work Italian walnut, carefully chooses the log to work by going personally to select.

Planting acorns was an Italian tradition that was part of preparing the bride’s dowry. When a daughter was born they planted the walnut trees which then would be made into furniture for the future home of the child.

When someone wants something special that is perfectly suited to his needs and to the design of the house, Claudio begins with an idea, an intuition that becomes a little project: he processes, designs and creates unique pieces. Furniture made even more special by the hands of a painter/decorator who has worked with him for 20 years.

Claudio, the master craftsman, works in his studio, while Barbara takes care of the clients with love and patience. She dreamed of becoming a teacher and today realizes the dreams of young couples, of families looking for the ideal interior design, the original idea to decorate the house.

They tell us about the difficulty of finding help, and that the only person to whom they turn for advice is an old friend, another craftsman carpenter.

Claudio shows us with satisfaction but with extreme humility his creation: a table made with four tree species: chestnut, oak, ash, walnut a perfect combination that achieves a rare and unique piece of furniture. While Barbara reveals the love and care with which her husband takes care of his projects:

“A table that was constructed in this particular way was on display for years, every time there was a good excuse to not sell it until he found the ideal people who can according to him to take care of his creation in the right way” .

Their dream: an exhibition space where, through their own works of craftsmanship, they can tell their history, that of their family and that of the precious material. Claudio is truly a ‘young and modern’ master craftsman of wood. Their dream is also of setting up a school where other people come back to love the wood and learn to work it by respecting it.

Pending the achievement of the “Rosi Dream”, Claudio and Barbara are waiting for you in their shop to make your unique furniture dream.