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Discoverplaces enhances small localities and to do this it needs to get in touch with people and local associations working in their municipality. In this world there are two ways to promote small territories: invest millions in advertising (which we did not), or join and work together, each with his own specialities, to present to the public the splendour of our localities.

By uniting in a network, we can learn how to optimise dealing with travellers, understand how to relate with people at a distance and how to enable them to live a unique experience. We can expand the culture of tourism that has already brought some destinations into the hearts of travellers.


Are you an association that promotes events, cultural trips, guided tours and other experiences?

Contact us to discuss how to make proposals to an audience of experiential travellers and determine the best ways of promotion and collaboration.


Are you someone who loves his town or locality and wants to promote it?

Contact us to see what we can do together to help the world discover your great town.


Are you an amateur photographer who loves his countryside? Send them

We are seeking photographs for the series of Guides to display the many details of small towns that nobody had noticed. Search the descriptions in our Guides and send a photograph with your brief description.

We will use your photograph in the portal, the Facebook page and Guide and we will always associate it with your name. In the portal, we will put a brief description in English and Italian.

The best photographs will participate in promotional exhibitions of the localities.


Are you a local organisation who wants to promote his business? You have something special?

Contact us to tell your story, to be inserted in the Guide of your town, and to discuss forms of cooperation.


Are you a researcher who knows the history of his town and locality?

We are interested to listen to you, to write articles about the history, traditions and peculiarities of your town. If you frequent the historical archives and you are familiar with the research, we can include you among experts to be contacted by those who need these insights.