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Following on from the French heritage of creating the finest fashion coral jewellery from coral sourced at Torre del Greco, and from the creations for ladies such as Napoleon’s sister, empresses, princesses and queens of Europe, the Ascione family has produced fine fashion accessories, integrating deep water coral, for over 150 years.

Ascione has been the official supplier of coral jewellery to the Italian royal house. The Ascione family history is intertwined with that of Italy and they feel honoured to have been part of what is written in the history books.

In their showroom in Naples, opposite the grand opera of Teatro San Carlo, one of the brothers will guide you through the museum showing the farsightedness of the various royal families: from the Bourbons who invited the introduction of the working of coral into Naples to the Savoy royal family’s decision to choose Ascione as official suppliers of coral jewellery.

The museum inside the Ascione showroom shows a painting of Napoleon’s sister adorned in coral jewellery, the coral jewellery of the Queen of Italy, plus marvellous coral carvings.

The wedding dress and coral jewellery of the grandmother of the current family are proudly displayed, the lace as resplendent as the coral.

The living colour of the coral brings back to life the years gone by and entraps you in a desire to share a piece of the living history and to bring coral jewellery back to its rightful place as part of grand fashion.

The new Ascione collection features garments embroidered with beads of coral to match coral jewellery or to wear individually. Beautiful shawls in fine silk are decorated with beautiful designs of white, pink and rose coral.

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