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All fine jewelry have something special, but coral jewelry has something extra as it incorporates craftsmanship, history and some curiosity due to its ‘living’ nature, created by marine microorganisms.

Many stories have been woven around coral and it is always fascinating to think that maybe some of them might be true. Deepwater coral is said to have been born from the blood of Medusa’s head thrown into the sea or is it merely the result of a combination of biological reactions. What is certain is magnetism. Exquisite coral jewelry pieces have adorned all the queens of the world.

Visiting the Ascione Museum and atelier in Naples you find many examples of the beauty of these jewels made by the skill of the master coral jewelers of Torre del Greco, with expertise in the manufacture of coral jewelry dating from the early 1800s.

The Bourbons were to open the first schools in Naples area for working and sculpture of coral that was originally found in the local waters and sold as raw pieces to France. Since then, the imagination and the skill of the craftsmen have created coral jewelry personalised to the needs and dreams of many elegant women.

The Ascione atelier is in the historic center of Naples, just in front of the Teatro San Carlo. Here you can find coral jewelry of many different styles. From ‘liberty’ designs that recalls the sinuous forms of nature to the most modern linear forms perhaps with different shades of magenta and rose, from traditional floral sculptures to perfect spheres of matched colour.

Some years ago the Ascione family resumed the tradition of making the finest silk and cashmere woven garments with beads or carved coral of a variety of colours interwoven. The museum has on display the wedding dress of the grandmother of the current proprietors. It is handmade lace embellished with a fine set of coral jewelry. Meanwhile, the atelier has replicated these designs and created modern designs for shawls, accessories and personalised clothing for the elegant and extraordinary lady.

Immerse yourself in the history and enjoy the opportunities offered by the Ascione family, who continue the family tradition of coral jewelry and the mastery in the art of adorning women.

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