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Dear Diary,

Here I am again, telling you about me, my emotions, my fears and my moods.

Sorry if I’ve been neglecting you and I don’t write to you every evening, but my days all pass the same, between ups and downs, and, in the evening, I have nothing nice to say to you … unfortunately!

Every morning, I wake up with the hope that something will change and that this bad situation will end, but nothing happens: it is like a bad dream that never ends.

I spend my days doing homework, being on the phone or watching a series on TV. The only hours I spend a little in joy are those during which I connect with my classmates in school video lessons, or when I connect with my dance school “Dance workshop”. These days the school is very close to us and, by making us dance, it allows us to distract ourselves from all thoughts.

You know, in this period, I am rereading a book that I had read about two years ago: “The Diary of Anne Frank”, the diary written by a thirteen-year-old girl of Jewish origin during the period of Nazi persecutions.

It is a moving and dramatic document, in which Anna recounts her joys, her pains and her hopes, as I do with you! Of course, Anna’s life was much sadder than mine!

To escape the Nazis she lived in an attic for two years and, with her writings, gives anyone who reads her story a great desire for freedom. Freedom that  she never tasted again, since it was lost when she was taken to the large concentration camp of Auschwitz, where she fell ill with typhus, died and was buried in a mass grave, along with other corpses …

The pains and hopes that Anna tells in these pages overwhelmed me and shook me and, right now that there is this ugly monster called CORONAVIRUS, they made me think so much about how much suffering Anna felt.

A more cruel suffering than ours, as we are in our house, with all our games, TV, our comforts and with the internet, which allows us to watch and speak even with those who are far from us.

It is true that this virus took away our freedom, but in return it gave us “TIME”, time that we had forgotten, because we were too busy with the thousand commitments and hectic everyday life.

This quarantine period has brought clean air back to nature, with less smog and less pollution, and I am sure that when it is all over we will be better people. And we twelve-year-old kids will know how to give life the right value!

My dear diary, for today, I am finished, but I promise you that I will return to writing soon, because, in the next few days, I am sure that things will improve and I will fill your pages with moments of happiness.

I promise you!

I will tell you how nice it will be to embrace my grandparents, my companions and my dear friend Carlotta, whom I miss so much!

See you soon, your Giorgia