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The Internet is full of advice on how to be cured with food, how to eat healthy and on gluten problems. But finding someone in Ferentino making bread and pizza according to the principles of Nutraceutical (Nutrition + Pharmaceutical) was a surprise.

At first glance Gusto Antico seemed like any other bakery any and Luciano Sperati has the air of a perfect baker dressed in white, with his chefs cap, standing in front of a large wood-burning oven.

Ferentino is rich in history but I had never heard of association with bread, as well I was a little skeptical in being brought to this pizzeria by someone who had promised that it would amaze me. But w0hen Lorenzo began to talk then everything changed and when I tasted his pizza my horizon suddenly widened.

Like many people in recent years I have developed a strong gluten intolerance and I can recognize some baked goods or pastries that use a type of flour that immediately causes me difficulties and I do not breathe well.

I had already heard of einkorn wheat and its properties but I was not prepared for a holistic view of the entire process: from the cultivation according to biodynamic principles to the chemistry of digestion. His words were like a flowing river, and I had to take notes while Lorenzo Spaziani spoke of Nutraceutical or Functional Food.

Functional food means choosing the food not only for its nutritional aspects but for the well-being that it gives to our body. This definition came from Japan in the 80s when the ministry decided to limit health spending by promoting a healthy diet. A method to treat themselves with the food and to prevent some diseases.

Apparently, everything starts with the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, whom I knew about for its architecture and for the anthroposophic teaching methods for children. Steiner is also considered the father of biodynamics, i.e. how some plants work together in harmony to protect themselves and to ‘feed’.

The secret of my bread is a non-alcoholic yeast that I get from the Monks of St. Paul, pink Himalayan salt that contains 84 elements and is free of heavy metals, and flour that comes from wheat grown according to biodynamic principles.

Even for cakes instead of refined sugar we use some special ingredients such as sugar cane or ‘stevia’, a medicinal plant that is good for diabetics.

Cured with food is becoming a fad but it is first of all a necessity if we want to have a healthy body and mind focused on positive aspects. If we want to preserve the planet for our children. If we want to be in harmony.

To underline this double aspect of Nutraceutical food, Luciano collaborates with doctors, with renowned oncologists. In addition, all the bread used by the star chef Antonello Colonna in their meals is prepared with diligence and love by Mina and Luciano Sperati of Ferentino.

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Claudia Bettiol

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