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On Wednesday evening, tastings will begin at the Cantina Sociale of Piglio in collaboration with the Slow Food Territory of Cesanese. You will start with the panettone whose story will be related by three protagonists of pastry, three masters of our territory who have distinguished themselves for their taste, value and their creativity.

Gabriele Lolli of Bel Sito Hotel in Serrone, Franco Terenzi of Bar Lazio of Serrone with his Panettone at the Cesanese , and Matteo Dolcemascolo of the family of pastry chefs of Frosinone.

We have truly exceptional guests, Prof. Dai, Dean of the Renewable Energy School of the Chinese university in Beijing and Prof. Carlo Aldo, director of the CHOSE Laboratory in Tor Vergata. With this laboratory we have long been in agreement to introduce the excellence of our territories to foreign guests.

And who knows what agreements will be held between a slice of panettone and a good glass of Cesanese born from the love of local producers.

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