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On Wednesday December 19th  at 6.00 pm in the Cantina Sociale of Piglio, 15 producers from Cesanese set up tasting tables to introduce their wine, the Cesanese territory and the Cesanese Lifestyle program.

As part of the event the Cantina Sociale of Piglio has organised, on the occasion of Christmas festivities, a space set up in the exhibition hall, where a collective exhibition of local artists is taking place, and the point of sale has been redesigned for the occasion.

The point of sale of the Cantina Sociale now shows all the wines of the territory and some excellent products selected by the Slow Food area of Cesanese. Next to each product there is a poster with the history of the manufacturer and  the characteristics. The ultimate goal is to make the Cantina Sociale of Piglio increasingly an information point where the many tourists who already visit can find news about the whole territory and be excited by our excellent products and lifestyle.

An info-point provides information on producers, territories and excellent products. The Cantina Sociale is increasingly recognized as the engine of the Cesanese Lifestyle and the absolute leader of the ‘Sharing Economy’.

This unique event has brought together all the producers of the Cesanese area, collecting for the first time both the producers of the Roman area and the Ciociaria area. There are producers from Piglio, Paliano, Anagni, Acuto, Serrone, Affile, Olevano Romano and Genazzano for an event that relates the enjoyment of producing wine in the Cesanese grape area.

In these years of hard work, the Cesanese wines have reached excellent levels and a quality that is recognized by the numerous awards won in the most important events.

Now the challenge is to combine the quality of wine with the beauty of the area and enhance the food and wine tourism that can become the engine of a local economy based on quality tourism.

To start this process of transformation it is more and more necessary for the people of the territory to know the history, the particularities and the products of their land and be proud of the results achieved in these years by those who worked in silence.

The public interest in the events of the Cesanese Lifestyle program organized by the Cantina Sociale show that they are on track.

The next events are therefore:

December 19th dedicated to all Cesanese producers

January 3 tasting of Slow Food from the Cesanese Territories

January 6th closing concert with accordionist Daniele Ingiosi

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