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The Palace of Corso Europa in the center of Milan is not only a jewel of sustainable technology, but also a magical place where you can enjoy an unusual lifestyle in the vicinity of the Duomo of Milan: a rooftop pool on the terrace.

Silvano Spagna, architect of sustainability blended with technology had the pleasant task to work on this building and he did it in a most poetic manner utilising advanced technologies. We asked him about the project.

Silvano, as an architect what did you do when received this assignment?

First I went to speak with the original designer Luigi Caccia Dominioni, a centenarian today, but still shining and fit, to illustrate what I wanted to achieve. The architecture must be respectful of the existing places and the people!
Then I looked at how to maximize the comfort of the people.

What solutions have been chosen for the rooftop pool from a environmental point of view?

This palace is now in a Class A+ building and is an example of excellence in sustainability. During the construction we have hosted visits from designers and students, and we have collaborated with universities in Milan. The main novel feature is the geothermal warming (using 4 wells into the thermal pool in the center of Milan), while from the walls to the windows to the operating plant, wherever, we chose the best solutions.

And how did the idea of a rooftop pool arise, just opposite the Cathedral of Milan?

It came naturally: we had located all the pipes on the terrace which had become a sort of “Centre Pompidou” and, at the same time, we had set out to design a roof garden to create a microclimate of well-being. The multi levels of service pipes and tubes covering the roof top had created natural levels that could be used ideally for a water fall. So the roof would be: Ideal for a pool!

And how has the poetry of the garden combined with the technology of a rooftop pool?

Thanks to the construction model and the lightness of the materials from Preformati ( I built several tanks and I could create a waterfall right in front of the view of the Duomo, and with geothermal energy I previously mentioned, the rooftop pool has hot water even in winter. Then, to enhance the feeling, I chose to coat it with the marble with which the cathedral was made, Candoglia marble, this helps people to relax and to create well-being.

In conclusion, Architect Spagna, what is the role of architecture?

Be respectful of the environment (for our progeny) and take care of the state of the buildings. Know how to use the best technologies to increase the wellbeing of people.

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