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Anyone who loves and knows Deruta ceramics has at least one work of Deruta ceramics in his collection, and possibly a work from Sambuco Deruta pottery. The brilliance of the colors, especially the yellow, orange, “ copper green”, manganese brown and blue, make fine Deruta ceramics recognizable to every connoisseur.

Deruta lies down softly in the hills near Perugia and from the early Renaissance was one of the most important centers in the production of ceramic wares. Its dishes are present in all the courts of Europe and today in all the most important museums in the world: the Metropolitan in New York, the Victoria & Albert in London, the Louvre in Paris, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, l ‘Ashmolean in Oxford, County of Los Angeles, etc ..

We met Lucio Sambuco, the third generation to run the family business of Sambuco Deruta, which continues with love and accuracy the tradition of manufacturing high quality ceramic. Lucio stands for the passion with which he describes his territory and is personally committed to the promotion of small craftsman led workshops.

Lucio, how would you define your work, your art?

Implement, develop, innovate products continuing the tradition of art and history that has always characterized the factories of Deruta. At Sambuco Deruta, we like to create functional products for everyday life to satisfy the personal desire of the man of “beauty”.

We are proud of the quality of our products both for the table and the furniture, products that follow the best tradition of Deruta, that of our forms and our “innovative” decoration. In our work we aspire to the master potters of the Renaissance and the designers of the twentieth century.

Who were your teachers? How did you learn?

My grandfather worked in the furnace in 1918, we kept one of his bricks, but officially the activity began in the fifties with my parents. Today, I and my brother Luca drive the company where my wife also works.

I learned from my parents and from different teachers and artists with whom we have worked over the course of our business history. I was born into the company and I absorbed the job day by day, learning from everyday life.

Lucio, I look at a serene person: what makes you so?

I believe that our work at Sambuco Deruta has something magical about it. I could call it sustainable in the best sense of the term: the familiarity of craftsmanship and dexterity that lead to physical and psychological health. You work in an environment where you can talk with colleagues, you can listen to music or radio, you do not perform repetitive work. The breadth of creativity linked to the peculiarities of our productions makes every day an enjoyable challenge.

Incidentally, one of the works of Sambuco Deruta is preserved at the Regional Museum of Ceramics in Deruta with inscription “Your work, both in form and decoration, has respected and reaffirmed through smart innovative effort, the artistic tradition of Deruta”.

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