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Do you have Italian ancestors? Can you remember the stories your Grandparents told you?


We can help by organizing a day to discover your origins where you’ll savour the flavours and scents of your ancestors.

Discover and Taste your Roots is a program tailor made for whoever wants to learn about their place of origin and its stories.

Everything starts with your call, tell us about where you come from, what you remember and what you’d like to find out.

We will go to your town and do a first visit to look for connections, stories and make the first contact. With this first baggage of information we can then organize a special day for you and your loved ones to discover your town and your territory.

A lot of towns are really small and hard to reach, but they hold no secrets for the Discoverplaces team, we have spent the last few years picking up, collecting and storing thousands of stories and information on all the towns of the Lazio Region just now expanding to more of them. We know how to uncover the best stories to tell, the local delicacies to savour and the most eccentric carachters to meet.

There are some interesting stories of people rekindling their connections to their town of origin, through FB groups and guided International Tours. We met a special bunch of them with a strong connection to the wonderful town of Sonnino, whom we awarded with our “Town Ambassador” recognition.

You can read more about their story here: Town Ambassador Award to Denise Dumont and Mark A. Tempesta and Daiana Magalhaes for their love for Sonnino

Our team is made up of all bi-lingual and bi-cultural people, with our hearts split in different countries but all of them rooted in Italy, this is how we’re able to build bridges and connect with other countries and audiences, managing to live between past and present.

We set up a date for you to visit your town with us if you’re already in Italy, or if you’re coming from abroad we’ll come to pick you up at the station or airport with a private driver. After that everything else will be a surprise where you’ll be able to experience the real “Italian Lifestyle” meeting the locals  and living the “life of your grandparents” just for a day.

At the end of your trip we will send you a special book with all the pictures, stories  and experiences lives by you and your loved ones during your trip. But we’ll do even more than this if by the end of the program you have the desire of keeping in touch with us and what you’ve experienced on your own skin. 

PROGRAM max 3 people

Once the client signs up for the project:

  • Initial contact through a questionnaire and an interview on their city or town of origin and their family, in order to get a feel for their needs and wishes
  • An advance visit to the town by DiscoverPlaces to gather photographs, stories and town registry information on your ancestors while organising the day of their visit
  • Scheduling of the date accordins to your necessities
  • A second advance visit to the town for detailed planning of the date, the experience and any encounters to be organised with makers of local products
  • The day to Discover and Taste Your Roots:
    • Arrival in the town or village in a leased car with driver
    • Visit to the town hall
    • Tour of the town
    • Possible encounters with local residents
    • Lunch in a traditional restaurant or with a family, with a menu of local dishes
    • Discovery of makers of local products
    • Tour of the surrounding area, based on the client’s wishes
    • Return
    • Mementos of the trip and the town, in the form of a digital or paper book illustrating the history of the town, complete with personal photos of your trip

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