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Playing with culture, in Cagli they are good at that. You understand it immediately when you go down from the Rocca to the town and see illuminated white discs in the sky that are reflected on the floor where some symbols of the city are represented: the theater, the church, the fortress, …

We immediately enter the theater where Paolo Rossi’s company is rehearsing. Cagli is a theater-residence and the companies rehearse their shows before starting the real tours.

There are no chairs in the stalls and the scene ideally descends from the stage and continues in the stalls while the audience observes everything from the stages. All distances are respected and in addition there is a truly unique experience.
I knew Cagli from the stories of a friend of mine who participates in slow smoke competitions but it is many more.
The story hides a real original episode. In the war between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, the old Cagli was destroyed and the pope ordered 100 municipalities to invest a part of their patrimony for the construction of a new Cagli.

All the municipalities are listed on the ceiling of the council room … and there are prestigious names.
It took me some time to arrive because we are in the hinterland of Pesaro, in the internal areas that have retained all their charm. Areas of mountains, woods and truffles …
But only fish at the table! A tasty lunch with the commissioner Benilde Marini who already gives his artistic vein as he smiles and moves.
The last visit is to prisons, and an incredible idea came to me that will take us to newspapers all over the world.
We leave for Pesaro where we have to recover the car, keys, suitcase and … the head!

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