Wines of the Castelli Romani are known by many, even that of the Piglio ( in the province of Frosinone), Tuscia in Viterbo with its Grechetto is no less well known, as is the province of Latina with Moscato di Terracina and Bellone.

Photo courtesy “Cantina Le Macchie”

What about the Sabina and the wines of Rieti?

Rieti is one of the most beautiful medieval cities living in central Italy with its walls and aperitifs in the square, with the clear Velino river where in summer you can race with the tub or “tinozza”. You can go to discover the ancient Via Salaria in the Rieti Sotterranea or test the resistance of your taste buds to Rieti Piccante, the festival dedicated to Chili Peppers.

All of Sabina is a land rich in history and legends, including the legend of the famous Rape of the Sabines according to which the Romans kidnapped the women of the Sabines to be able to start the lineage of great Rome. It is a Holy Valley travelled by Saint Francis who preached there for years and built some of the most impressive monasteries in Italy.

Located in a valley under the Apennine mountains with the majestic nearby Mount Terminillo, Rieti seems to be the least important wine-producing province of Lazio, and in numbers it is, also due to objectively more difficult climatic conditions for cultivation of the vine. Cold winters, often very cold, and only a few hills suitable for the continuous growth of grapes, even if climate change is warming things a little.

In Discoverplaces we have talked about nearby Leonessa thanks to Ivo Pulcini, Health Director of S.S. Lazio, and from there we started to discover the wine of this area.

Because there are places here where wine is made, and particular good wine. As is the case of the experience of the Le Macchie winery in Castelfranco di Rieti, a stone’s throw from the city.

Well-tended vineyards stretch between the Reatina valley and Mount Terminillo, at a remarkable altitude between 610 and 650 meters above sea level. The land is very interesting and rich in minerals, something very important for those who decide to make wine. A starting point capable of often giving a precise identity to the entire production of a cellar, as in part happened for Le Macchie.

Photo courtesy “Cantina Le Macchie”

But to make the labels of this company truly unique is the choice of vines, extensive and with some truly unique gems.

Given the temperatures, given the nearby mountains, given the land (and perhaps also the tastes of the owners) at Le Macchie they produce unique white grapes for Lazio and for the whole of central and southern Italy: Riesling and Gewurztraminer.

Vines of the cold country, which find here a very suitable range, and in the glass the result is really pleasant. These are accompanied by the classic vines of the region, from Cesanese to Malvasia Puntinata, with different lines and brands that are appreciated and remembered.

Particularly worth tasting are the Bandolo della Matassa, rosé wine from Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes, Scarpe Tose from Gewurztraminer, L’Ultimo Baluardo from Cesanese and for meditation the dessert wine “Se Bo Be Bi“, a Malvasia del Lazio IGT.

Innovative technology and a lot of effort in the vineyard, new ideas for an area, which overlooks the wine world, with a great character and hospitality that has always been an added value in these parts.

Just go to to book your own guided tour of the company with its tasting. Wine tourism is at home here and as soon as we can go out again in search of the beauty of our country we can experience it in person!

Pictures by the Cantina Le Macchie

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