This post is also available in: Italian and Chose, the Solar Centre of the Lazio Region within the Tor Vergata University of Rome, have started a collaboration to show the Lazio region, and particularly wonderful towns nearby to Rome, to visiting academics and researchers.

In particular, every visiting researcher will receive a book from the series “Travellers’ Guide to Italy” and assistance that will help each one to choose the best places to visit.

Our new weekly newsletter, dedicated to events taking place during the weekend, meets the needs of those who want to savour the true Italian spirit while being immersed in a unique environment with the opportunity to taste traditional local dishes.

Chose is a leading research centre in new generation photovoltaicsand has recently expanded its activities by connecting to a laboratory in Moscow, Russia. Many researchers will arrive in Italy and thanks to this agreement will discover the beauty of the places near Rome and be able to discover our flavours.


Traveller's Guide to Italy