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Her passion for art and culture grows into a job for a young woman who spends her days in the service of young students who dream of living with art, and creates an exciting new brand.

In 2013, Electra, a volcanic young woman of 26 years, and her mother decided to save the Art School of Grottaferrata from certain closure. While others had surrendered to the bureaucratic and financial difficulties Electra and her mother faced their new adventure with courage, strength and passion.

And so, after many difficulties, they found ways to realize the dream of an art school in a house in the centre of Grottaferrata.

Grottaferrata, one of the most elegant of the Castelli Romani towns, is famous for its villas built by the noble Roman bourgeoisie to spend the holidays.

The art school is located a few metres from the ancient fortified Abbey of San Nilo, an important religious centre from which you can glimpse the ancient Tuscolum, on top of the hill above the area of the Municipality.

Cosy and full of history, the school has become a real home for the students: the hallways and decorated classes, gardens that change colour with the seasons and form a perfect theater for alternative classes and art exhibitions.

Getting their Hands Dirty drawing, sculpting and painting: the young students shape their ideas into valued works for successful exhibitions fairs. The beauty of these people is in their “diversity” in being extravagant, free and full of love for art. They are real artists and their works speak of dreams and passions !!!

“A school where people grow by cultivating the love for art, for life and to be happy”

The founders have a special relationship with each student: Luana, more mother, Electra more older sister. They guide the path of each student, cultivating their dreams maturing with them the idea that can become a reality.

A life in art is possible and Electra believes it: she has created a brand of clothing ‘artisticisbetter’ that she hopes will also become a publishing and design brand. So that when “at large” her students will already have a job in which to be engaged and from which feed from.

Dreaming does not cost anything and the idea of ​​a small Bauhaus in the elegant setting of Grottaferrata is a dream in which I also believe!