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With the colours of Tropea (the pearl of the Mediterranean) in her heart, Lucia De Luca designs and chooses the colours for her collections of embroidered clothing. She is very popular for her ability to combine the craftsmanship of the past with the modern styles to satisfy women of ‘distinction’.

Like many girls from Calabria, Lucia was introduced to the art of embroidery from an early age, according to ancient traditions, to create outfits and custom embroidered clothing. In part this tradition has been lost but today sees people like Lucia rediscovering it.

Embroidery has become a real passion and her children have not prevented her continuing to exercise her art, but she has been directed to more unusual applications. When the children were little she began making and embroidering dance costumes for the school and the theater of Tropea, then she went to work for demanding ladies

Lucia how did you come to make embroidered clothing?

Designing and making clothes is a time of liberation of my positive energy. I particularly like the challenges thrown me by demanding women who want to feel unique and special.

I observe, advise and study with them how to make only their dress embellished with embroidery I portray. In my last collection I made several pieces inspired by the peacock and interpreted it in many styles and different ways.

Now I’m making a dress with a belt embroidered with feathers made of beads and rhinestones. The peacock attracts me because of his colour, and majesty in his eye. I see a presence watching over those who search his eyes.

Do you enjoy working with women or with men?

I love to dress the female body and imagine a woman adorned with grace, a unique woman who stands out. The elegance comes from inside: it materializes when I touch the fabric with my hands, when I see the effect of the colour of the fabric on the body of the woman.

From outfits to embroidered clothing. How did the transition occur?

Forever, nobles and royals have embellished their garments with embroidery. Embroidered clothes are in the luxury collections of the best tailors in the world.

The transition was so natural. To make special the clothes that I do in a unique and customized way. To make women feel important when together we choose the embroidery, then to make them feel like princesses when they wear my embroidered clothing.

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