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Gabry Cominale, a native of Genoa and child of Savona, won the First Energitismo Award at Galleria del Cavallo, in Quiliano, Savona, a fine the exhibition organised by QuiArte.

The work comprised three standing ceramic bodices reflecting the irrepressible creativity of Gabry. These ceramic bodices are performance-show works worn by models and dancers. A “ceramic to wear” is an interesting example of how art can be part of our lives.

While the Energitismo Award is open to all artistic forms, the final four contenders, surprisingly comprised works that all involved an aspect of sculpture. This is not to deny the quality of the paintings, but more likely reflect the personal appeal of the Energitismo directors. These finalists included Dolores De Giorgi, a sculptor/artist in ceramic and metal, Giuseppe Lorenzi, a sculptor of geometric forms in metal, and an inspirational young sculptor, Fabio Taramasco, whose work comprised a set of 6 jars of sardines under oil, each sardine a rendition in ceramic.

Franco Parisi and Luciana Bertorelli designed and arranged the exhibition for the Energitismo Award hosting over 60 artists predominantly from the region, but also from around Italy and France. The artists were challenged by the Energitismo Award criteria to present just one work that would find appeal in the final client market, be representative of the artist’s work, and express individuality – a unique style.

The Energitismo Award, valued at €2.000, includes a booth in Our Discoveries, publication of four articles, promotion in an individual newsletter to over 15.000 website clients and access for the artist and works to Energitismo events.

Gabry’s works will soon be displayed in Our Discoveries in her personal booth, and selected works will be available for purchase in the Energitismo On-Line Atelier. Energitismo aims to also introduce several other artists from among the excellent sculptors and painters from the Savona exhibition.

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