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We created Energitismo to give visibility to special people with passion and artistic skills, and while we were listening to their stories it became apparent that we needed to find a common strategy to promote these people, their creations and their towns, wherever they may live.

There are many places around the world that are well-known but there are many more unknown towns that are the basis of our society. In Energitismo, we discover these towns and the best artists and artisans and we promote them and their works through our blog, portal and special empowering programs.

In summary, we deal at the intersection of three spheres that are the essential core elements for sustainable business growth: people, creations and territories:

• People – discovery of ‘human treasures’
• Creations – fine elegant artisanal products
• Towns and homelands – we bring the world to you

The congruence of these spheres of influence is the basis of ‘Rinascimento’, renaissance for society through success of artisanal business, growth of the economy for a district, and greatly enhanced sustainable tourism.

The first sphere of the Energitismo is that of the creators – the people. We seek to ’Discover Human Treasures’ those people (heroes) who demonstrate artistic and artisanal talent interlinking traditional and new technology. We interview them, create their own digital booth and tell their stories to the world. They are creators and teachers, their workshops may be modelled on those of the old masters. They value their creations above commerce.

The second sphere deals with the promotion of their creations. We exhibit on the web and at real events in their home countries and internationally. A selection of their works are on sale on Energitismo ecommerce. We are in contact with museum shop selectors and with fine shops and galleries for corners. Many artisans have sold their works thanks to our articles. When we approach an artisan we help him to improve presentation and the quality of his product through collaboration with other members. It is the condensation of the linkage, the works of art and artisanship for promotion and sale. Energitismo provides promotion of these works in eight ways: articles on our worldwide website; product definition and advertising; social media sponsorship; promos and interviews in printed media; local and international events; shop corners; e-commerce; and fairs.

The third sphere is a program to enhance regional and international awareness of a particular area or town. We support local entrepreneurs to boost or start new business hosting international tourists. In addiction we promote the area with our stories on masters, histories, curiosities, hills and valleys, town squares, pageants and fairs, bars and restaurants, families and friends, architectural style and street art, foods and wines, gardens and flowers, artisanal outlets and galleries, agriturismi and hotels. The pride and joy of the people of the area in their local world is what attracts and holds the interest of tourists, provides an environment in which creation is fostered, and sustains the society. Relatively unknown districts can become famous through the pride of the people.

Together the intersecting three spheres, under the guidance of Energitismo, provide true sustainability, the growth of a society with enhanced lifestyle, pride and independence. International awareness of their environment, ‘human treasures’ and the works of art, brings artisanal tourism that adds wealth to the district.

Gavin Tulloch

Scienziato e poeta. Ama la chimica, il vino, le donne e l’opera, ma non sappiamo in quale ordine


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