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Energitismo added elegance and sustainability to the summer with the release of the new Solar Sculpture designs– an elegant warming shower to wash away the heat of the day, sand and salt.

The pleasures of an Italian summer for so many Europeans includes a vacation at a resort maybe on the beach, in a park with a swimming pool, or at an aquatic park. No longer the shock of a cold stream from the pool shower. Each resort can now offer an artistic and exciting clean warm shower, created by Energitismo.

Solar Sculpture is a solar thermal stand alone warm shower of unique design and engineering excellence. Modelled on the ‘wild’ hair of Medusa (after which one model is named) the heat absorbing coils intertwine as they flow from the canopy of the shower down and around the body of the shower space. The water temperature is balanced by water flow through the copper tubes that both absorb and convey the warmth, just as the exposed fin of a dolphin cools the blood as the dolphin frolics in the sea.

Solar Sculpture is suited to exclusive gardens in resorts, private villas and the beach. There are four designs that will be progressively released. They all represent life forms from plant life to the graceful form of the female body. Solar Leaf is derived from the growth style of bamboo and the leaves can be arranged in single or multiple fronds to suit the garden landscape or yacht design. Solar Medusa responds to the shape of a Medusa (or jellyfish) floating in the water. Solar Mind, a collectors’ piece is a representation of a head in over twenty spiralling tubes. It is a combination of Art and Technology.

From an engineering perspective, Solar Sculpture is a stand-alone system that utilizes thermal expansion of heating water to provide the water flow in the system and mains water pressure or pump to provide the power of the shower. The stainless steel, polished copper or bright black shower unit comes in combination with black lava stone or guaranteed non-ageing, non-slip stone floor, and seat.

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